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The mission of the Psychology Department is to generate accompaniment and orientation to the educational community. The area is in charge of functions that serve as tools to facilitate human development processes in the students, their families, the teaching team, the directors, and other collaborators of the institution.

One of the main functions of the Department is to provide an orientation space for students and their parents and/or caregivers. Students can access the Psychology service on a voluntary decision, by crisis intervention, or by request of their parents and/or guardians.

They may also attend this space by referral from course chaperones, section directors, the rectory, and the infirmary.

Likewise, the Psychology Department is in charge of conducting family interviews, which are carried out during the school admission process.

  • Psychological counseling.
  • Sexual, affective and values education projects.
  • Vocational guidance projects.
  • Inclusive education projects, integrated with the Habilmind Program.
  • Workshops of particular needs.
  • Learning experiences as internationalization practice.
  • IQ Tests EDINT.
  • Face-to-face parent schools.
  • Virtual parent schools.
  • Pedagogical days.
  • Neuropsychology as vision individualized and comprehensive.


Gimnasio Los Pinos endorses and suggests a door-to-door transportation service with INTEGRATUR S.A.S, an ISO 9001:2015; 14000:2015 OHSAS 18001 certified company and RUC (Colombian Safety Council).

The coverage of routes and the modern fleet of vehicles is adjusted according to the number of students, assigning a suitable vehicle according to the required capacity and travel times.


Transport Coordination

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Welcome to Gimnasio Los Pinos Infirmary. Our highly qualified team has the necessary resources to provide basic primary care in case of an emergency.
We provide our students a health quality care, in an agile and timely manner, in case of an unexpected need that may occur and requires primary care.

Please note the following:

The infirmary objective is to provide immediate and timely primary care in the event of any type of contingency during the academic day. Therefore, we do not provide medications or make medical diagnoses, (except for some cases, depending on the type of event, a physical examination will be performed, and the procedure will be determined in each student’s need).


We do not attend parent consultations, nor will we follow up on chronic or seasonal illnesses.


Authorizing a student’s absence due to an accident or illness will require prior assessment by the Infirmary professional, which will be based on physical and symptomatic findings, and will be validated by telephone communication with the student’s parents.

It is important to send the medical incapacity when the type of event requires it so that it is attached to the medical record and to be presented to the teachers. In Gimnasio Los Pinos we are concerned about the wellbeing of everyone, that is why we provide the necessary care to the student, based on a diagnosis and medical recommendation.


Under no circumstances students who are ill or injured may leave the school without their parents or guardians, nor may they leave in ambulance services not directly requested by the Infirmary professional, unless the student leaves with a parent or guardian who is duly registered.
It should be noted that this will only be in case if the student’s medical condition is life-threatening.


Students who visit the infirmary with a recurrence will be reported and will only be given emergency service in case of an accident or serious assessment.


The nurse may report to the directives any situation that in my opinion, implies negligence or mistreatment from the parents. In these cases, the parents will be immediately summoned and for the student to return to academic life, a health assessment and treatment record must be provided.


Students who attend the infirmary during school hours or in between, must present written permission from the teacher.


We support the epidemiological campaigns of the Ministry of Health. As part of these measures, the students who manifest strong flu symptoms must not attend school until there is improvement evidence; In case of attending the school, they will be returned home.