We educate the future transformers of our society and our world, through meaningful experiences that develop their talents.


We educate the future transformers of our society and our world, through meaningful experiences that develop their talents and make them builders of their own being, knowledge and achievements.
Within the framework of teaching for understanding, we inspire entrepreneurship and proactivity in the new generations so that they can be protagonists of a caring community that contributes to the well-being of the world.


By 2026, Gimnasio Los Pinos will be a benchmark of educational excellence, shaping character and nurturing the potential of individuals in the arts, sports, sciences and humanities with a curricular approach based on the IB continuum and the goal of contributing to building a better world.

Quality Policy

GIMNASIO LOS PINOS seeks to improve the provision of its educational service by strengthening the diversity of talents and knowledge, skills and values of students through training in Knowing How to Be, Knowing How to Learn and Knowing How to Do. To achieve this, it develops a concept of excellence in sporting and artistic disciplines and academic entrepreneurship, the teaching model for understanding, bilingualism and the definition of an international profile for its students.

GIMNASIO LOS PINOS is committed to satisfy the needs and expectations of the entire academic community, as well as to continuously improve the Quality Management System through the establishment of an I.E.P. in accordance with current and future needs, with a better performance of its institutional processes and a qualified teaching staff.

Our history

In 1967, a group of professionals belonging to Asmedas wanted to realise the dream of founding an educational institution with the aim of reaffirming cooperativism in Colombia. One year later, it began with the primary school levels, under the direction of Alicia Mateus de Herrera.

In 1970 Mr. Jose Padilla took over the responsibility of the Gymnasium and started the high school section, which in 1975 became the first graduating class of Gimnasio Los Pinos. Proclaimed by the then Rector D. Luis Alejandro Eslava, it should be noted that for this year it has its own site located at Calle 192 No 9-20.

Undoubtedly, all those who have contributed to the development, projection and training of students at the GLP have left their professional experience and their human qualities, and have thus enabled the growth of each of the institution’s members, both at the level of physical structure and in the formation of values.

Student Profile

We believe in permanent change as an enabler of personal and institutional advancement. Likewise, we believe that defining ourselves as people is essentially an individual and collective possibility that is based on the formation of the personal talents of children and young people in the service of the realisation of high ethical and academic ideals in common. To this end, we are always ready to explore new paths and possibilities to develop skills and complex thinking to the maximum. Beyond a good education, we form integral people who leave their mark on society. Every student at Gimnasio Los Pinos in their appreciation of reality is at least trained to:

  • Being aware of the influence of their actions.
  • To be informed about their local, national and global reality.
  • Develop leadership skills that they can exercise in their environment.
  • Self-evaluate themselves and make positive demands on themselves in order to know their potential and achieve the highest performance of their talents.
  • To take responsibility by assuming personal decisions with character and social awareness.
  • Evidence of high performance in English as a second language.
  • To know, recognise and accept oneself with a self-esteem based on academic, artistic and sporting skills that are highly qualified according to the emphasis.
  • Assume attributes of international curriculum development by being inquirers, informed and educated, thinkers, good communicators, honest, open-minded, caring, bold, balanced and reflexive.

Our Values

Our commitment as part of the Cooperative Sector and as providers of the Educational Service is to promote in our Management and our Institutional Educational Project to strengthen, develop and direct primarily the following values as the foundations for action:

We are upright: Our actions define us in the eyes of others and in our own eyes. That is why we are diligent in what we commit ourselves to families, the school, society and the environment. We always assume the consequences of our actions and decisions.

We are Proactive: We believe that we are able to deal with difficulty by taking the initiative. We base our decisions on purpose, greatest benefit to all, timeliness, context, fact and relevant information. Our common inspiration is found in our vision, mission and values.

We are Respectful: We owe it to the people we serve. We accept everyone in their differences, thereby recognising their rights, duties and dignity.

We are Passionate:We base our goals and results on achieving high purpose. We believe in great personal and social transformations based on knowledge, discipline and action. We do not give up in the face of impossibility. Our personal satisfaction goes beyond the duty done.

We are Excellent:We exceed the conditions and standards set in the perspective of continuous improvement and learning, through the efficient use of resources. We believe in rigour and formality.

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